Franziska Zach (1900-1930)


Franziska Zach was born 1900 in Losenstein in Styria in Austria. She was one of four children and her father was a railwayman. With a job transfer of her father the family moved to Vienna, where she got her artistic education. First Zach visited the professional school for textile industries and afterwards the Kunstgewerbeschule (school for arts and crafts). At the Kunstgewerbeschule she was teached by Oskar Strnad, Alfred Böhm, Alfred Roller, Erich Mallina, Wilhelm Müller-Hoffman und Adele Stark. During a workshop for enamel painting leaded by Josef Hoffmann 1923/24 she has specialized on enamel pictures and vessels. Then she bought a kiln and started to made her own enamel vessels and pictures.


In 1926 she made a fresco for a small chapel near Heiligenblut in Carinthia. She was a member of the female artists association “Wiener Frauenkunst” and showed her works in many Hagenbund exhibitions, first as guest and then even as extraordinary member.  Between 1927 and 1928 she travelled to France and England, where she found a patron. Thus she was able to travel again to Irland and Paris, in 1930 she moved into a studio in Paris. Franziska Zach received a prize from the city Vienna for the paintings she did in Paris. She was friend with Josef Floch, who also lived in Paris and mentioned her death in his diaries. Franziska Zach had a hard life with financial problems and malnutrition, she died on gastric disorder in 1930 in Paris.

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